News 2017

20171008 SKK Sundsvall SEUCH Faijinne Nuri al Baida BOB with CACIB. FIUCH NOUCH Bijou Unique Armand BOS with CAC CACIB Judge Jo Kramer, Australia at SKK Show in Sundsvall. Photo by Linda Boväng

20171007 SvVK Timrå Judge Rudi Brandt: BOB and SEUCH! Faijinne Nuri al Baida
2:nd Brace; Faijinne Nuri al Baida & Farraj Ibn Ussamal Nuri al Baida 

Photo: J. Björklund

2017089 SvVK Bjurholm: BOS,BB & Cert: Faijinne Nuri al Baida BOB, BM & Cert: Farraj Ibn Ussamal Nuri al Baida Judge: György Tesics, Hungary


20170525 Tillieville Vera Verdandie made a good run for her license together with her father Ghazoot Bashshar. A very nice day in good company.  Thanks to Arne Josefsson for super pictures!

20170507 Faijinne Nuri al Baida did it again! BOB, BIG & BIS!! It was a cold day at SBK Timrå inoff show, only Sloughi, but about 95 entries from different breeds. Thank you judges Per Gösta Pettersson (BIR) and Maria Sjöberg (BIS).














 20170326 LC Lotzwil Tillieville Valiant Vidar did very very well at the coursing. He was really concentrated and ran great. Made us all very happy, Thanks to owners Ian & Susanne Mothersill, Switzerland.
Placed 3rd overall, and there was 10 sloughis! He was best male.


Foto: Christina Lindberg

20170219 BIR, BIG & BIS2: Faijinne Nuri al Baida! Västernorrlands Kennelklubb/Timrå BHK Inoff show, judge Nina Karlsdotter.
17 mån months old, biggest challenge was to stand still – unknown what she was doing with her ears..! 🙂








2016-10-22 SvVK Boden, judge Elisabet Jansson, Sweden:

BOB & CAC till Tillieville Villa Vanille som därmed blir SEUCH!!
BOS & CAC Farraj Ibn Ussamal Nuri Al Baida








2016-08-29 A very happy owner with dog in second place; Tillieville Valiant Vidar and Ian Mothersill, Switzerland.





Kennel Tillieville Sloughi for coursing and show