20170326 LC Lotzwil Tillieville Valiant Vidar did very very well at the coursing. He was really concentrated and ran great. Made us all very happy, Thanks to owners Ian & Susanne Mothersill, Switzerland.
Placed 3rd overall, and there was 10 sloughis! He was best male.










2016-10-22 SvVK Boden, judge Elisabet Jansson, Sweden:

BOB & CAC till Tillieville Villa Vanille som därmed blir SEUCH!!
BOS & CAC Farraj Ibn Ussamal Nuri Al Baida






2016-08-29 A very happy owner with dog in second place; Tillieville Valiant Vidar and Ian Mothersill, Switzerland.







2016-08-20 SEUCH Tillieville Vestal Violetta was BIS-2 at SvVK Bjurholm!! Thanks to judge Laima Eidukiene, Litauen.








2016-08-06 SVVK Svenstavik Judge Jetta Tschokkinen, Finland. BOB & CAC to Faijinne Nuri al Baida. Handler Ulrika Ljungberg.


2016-08-07 SKK Svenstavik Judge Brit Schöne Brodvall, Norway. BOB & CAC to Faijinne Nuri al Baida. Handler Ulrika Ljungberg.
















Faijinne Nuri al Baida and handler Ulrika Ljungberg. Photo: Y. Mukkavaara


Ch Tillieville Wassadou, handler Petra Samuelsson.

2016-06-19 SVVK show in Vännäs Judge Roberto Posa, CH:

BOB & BIS-2 Working; SEUCH SELCCH FINUCH NOUCH NOLCCH Tillieville Wassadou.
BT-2; SEUCH Tillieville Vestal Violetta
Ex; Nuri al Baida Faijinne



Tillieville Vestal Violetta with owner Mats Guldenhed. Photo: Y. Mukkavaara


Faijinne Nuri al Baida and handler Ulrika Ljungberg. Photo: Y. Mukkavaara












2016-06-18 SKK show in Vännäs Judge Beatrix Maerkki Casanova, CH:
BOB & CAC Tillieville Vestal Violetta, now SEUCH!!
BOB-puppy Faijinne Nuri al Baida, handler Ulrica Ljungberg.



Photo: Irene Holmström

LC Nyland Tillieville Visir Vivace BOB Sloughi and SELCCH!
Mother Ch Tillieville Wassadou was proud to be no 2.










Luleå 20160320




20160320 Svvk Luleå. judge Eli Marie Klepp, Norway:
Tillieville Visir Vivace BOB, CAC & SEUCH!
Owner Karin Sandbäck, Lövånger.


This is a dream coming true: Breeding the gentle and sweet SE UCH SE LCCH V’Fa’Iz Shi’Rayan to lovely Tillieville Villia Vanille.

A fresh input of African origin blood, through his Algerian father Bensecrane Saff and Marockan mother Amal. Faiz’s strong built and well placed substance in combination with our own lines, constitution and elegance. We have big hopes this will be a nice pair when time comes, probably summer 2016. Thank you so much Ullis Sundell and Hanrik Lawner at del Kazaris kennel for making this possible.