About Sloughi


About the Sloughi..

Sloughi is a wonderful sighthound that moves around your home with dignity. He is a bit reserved and quite proud, it is not at all certain that he finds it necessary greeting your casual visitors. He is as loyal to you, as he is nonchalant to others. That is until the visitors are not casual any more, but seen as dear friends. As such, they are received with a tail rotated in a wide circle instead of the awaiting swaying tail. However, without being blunt or pushing, he approaches you with tenderness. The visitor, who may have been doubtful at first, will now be very devoted!

With much appreciated help from skilful and interested buyers, more people have come to see that a Sloughi is among the best and the most beautiful you may have the opportunity to share your home with. Thanks to devoted Tillieville-dog owners I received Bruksuppfödarpriset, the Swedish Kennelclubs price for breeding dogs in dual purpose. Tillieville dogs really are beautiful at shows as well as competent in lure coursing.

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The breed does not suffer from any racial diseases. There have been cases with the eye sickness PRA in Germany.
We have the great fortune that we can make DNA-tests at the breed stock, this enables us to keep an eye on the problem.
We write it like this; a dog with predisposition for PRA +/- and a dog without +/+, a sick dog is -/-.
There are no Sloughi with this disease in Sweden.

With some of my Sloughis I tested a little agility. But both me and my dogs find lure coursing to be the most fun ever. The Tillieville dogs has shown to be very successful in the fields, which makes it even more fun!
Sloughi is quite an all round breed. He goes along with most of your ideas of activating. Agility, tracking and obedience are only a few examples.
Dogs from kennel Tillieville pulls cart and run races on the racetrack, not even the mental description meant for the Working dogs are unfamiliar to them! Many are those who think lure coursing is but the funniest, so if you get the chance to try that, grab it!

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A Sloughi, allowed to run free from time to time is just as happy in the sofa in front of the fireplace a chilly day.
Indoors they cuddle up among the pillows.

A Sloughi is not hard to handle when he trusts you and knows you well.
He is devoted and fair.
He has a distinct language, with his ears and tail, for every dog -and even human- to read and understand.
They are also very talkative to us humans, with different noises and play of features, especially those with a black mask.
We who live with them are familiar to what those eyes mean even if the dog does not make a sound…

They are very fond of physical contact, to lie close to you or on your lap. Two of my bitches cuddle by pressing the side of their heads to my face. They prefer beds and sofas to any pet bed.

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You are always welcome to contact me about the Sloughi.

Kennel Tillieville Sloughi for coursing and show