About me

My interest in dogs was always there, finally my parents agreed to buy a puppy: The sweetest little Gordon Setter female, Vinstamarkens Connie. I was eleven years of age and had been nagging my parents for a long, long time. She had a litter of six sired by Norwegian Jerv from which we kept a male.

In 1982 I could buy a dog of my own liking; a Pyrenean Mountain Dog called Oskar, Sch Grandvillier’s Alfalfo. This is a wonderful breed with a self asureness and nonchalance to the world around him, that is somewhat impressive. Characteristics that sometimes causes outrage among Pyr-owners but just as often fills one with admiration for a fellow and family member who is so much more than just a dog, as if it was really necessary.

Since 1989 I am an authorised ring stewardess and work as often as I can, sometimes as much as ten times a year. One learns a lot and get to meet dog lovers from all over the world. I was secretary of the Lure Coursing section here for ten years and have been a member of the Kennelklubb board in my region, Västernorrlands Kennelklubb, for some years. I have always been a devoted member of our breed club the Azawakh & Sloughi Club since the start in 1989 and served in several posts of the board through the years.

My years as an active breeder has given me the opportunity to try on the “doggy” activities in many different forms, obedience and pulling carts with my Pyreneans for instance.

Jenna (Sch Nch Tillieville Betty-Jean) was the first Swedish Pyr with an honourable prize for tracking injured game. She was also the first Pyr (and still the only one) to win this regions Champion of champions in 1996!


Our last Pyr, Bella, Sch Nch Tillieville Dizzy Daisy, was mother of the E-litter. The love for the gentleman of the French alps will always have a place in my heart. Five litters from A to E was born under the prefix Tillieville.
Tillie, the mother of B and C litters, gave together with the French word for village, ”ville”, name to the kennel.

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How it all started..

Well now, how does one get the idea to go into sighthounds after ten years with Pyrenean Mountain Dogs. You tell me, curiosity may be? Our first Sloughi came1993 from Norway. I phoned the Swedish Kennelclub to ask weather the breed existed in my country at all. It did not, but there was one in Norway. Sweden had not seen any Sloughi being born in 25 years…
Therefore, an exchange of letters took place with Kennel Arhib in Trondheim. Who, as it happened, had a litter of three recently born; one male, two bitches. Time passed with some videotapes and letters, in Marsh 1993 I just could not resist it any longer:
Arhib´s Asiir Bintu Hadjib came to us. We called her Zoi; she was not to be the last one…

Kennel Tillieville Sloughi for coursing and show