Faijinne Nuri al Baida

Photo: Linda Boväng

SEUCH Faijinne Nuri al Baida, Jinnie, born 19 sept 2015, +/+

Br. Liz Gross von Hübbenet, Tyskland.

e. INTCH DECH LUXCH NLCH CHCH Ussamal Nuri al Baida *25.05.1991 genetically clear of PRA, type A
(Ch. Sabra el Djerid – MCh. Djerid Min Darazja Loewwla, NL)
License for the racetrack, but running on the Coursing fields. 
For years an active Coursing runner at a time when there was no license for Coursing and no titles to win!

u. EMLC 2013 DELCCH Chanua Nuri al Baida *03.05.2010 genetically clear of PRA, type A
(Sebegu/Tunesien x Ch. X’Dahri Nuri al Baida)


Kennel Tillieville Sloughi for coursing and show